Want To Be The Proud Owner Of Pool? Here’s What You Need To Know?


Having a swimming pool at home not only increases its aesthetic appeal and real estate value but also gives you serious bragging right. If only building one was as easy as bragging about it. In fact, it will end up being the most expensive feature in your house and therefore, the process of building a pool requires careful attention to detail from the start. While the addition of a swimming pool to your property will increase its value by a tenfold and give your kids something to be excited about, the decision to have your own swimming pool isn’t one that should be made overnight. Just because you want a pool in your backyard doesn’t mean that it’s feasible to have one. Having a pool is an enormous, life-long investment that’s bound to stand the test of time. Therefore, before you run off to a contractor, there are a multitude of factors you need to consider before you invest in your own swimming pool;

Size and location

Before you start the construction of your pool, you will need to obtain a permit and consider the local zoning laws and regulations of your state. Town planning Port Phillip the construction of the pool is a meticulous one that is bound to take time. However, it will ensure that the location and the size of your pool adheres to local regulations, which will in turn determine the exact position and size to which you can build your pool as the construction of a pool might have an impact on nearby property and buildings. Before you decide where to build your pool, factors such sun exposure, accessibility and if it can be viewed from the house should be taken into consideration. It’s especially important to be able to see your pool from the house if you have children who need adult supervision when using the pool. It’s also crucial that the ground you want the pool built on is on a level site as uneven grounds will cost you excessively during construction.


Once you’ve finalized on the design of the pool and determined where it’s going to be built, you can start looking up contractors. You should conduct ample research before settling on a contractor. It’s always smarter to hire a contractor referred to you by colleagues or friends who have pools. Talking to previous clients and reading reviews and recommendations will give you an idea on the efficiency and reliability of their work. Hiring a reliable and efficient builder will save you a lot of money and trouble in the long run.

Maintenance and safety

Building a pool isn’t a one-off deal. The moment you own a pool it becomes a life-long commitment as they require regular maintenance and proper upkeep. If you believe that you live an extremely busy life where you will have little to no time left for cleaning a big pool, you might be better off without one regardless of how badly you want one. It’s crucial that you regulate the water quality and chlorine content regularly. Another very important consideration when constructing and owning a pool is safety, especially when you have children and pets running around the property. You can build a fence the pool to avoid any falls and slips.