Headstone And Why It Is Important And Significance Of Headstone

Headstones are the stone which uses in graveyards over the grave. Every religion has different priorities and different way to bury a person after death. Some of them buried in a coffin and some of them burn their loved one. But those who buried in a coffin in graveyard they keep headstone over the grave or do stone restoration Melbourne to mention the name of the person who is inside the grave.  Christian, Muslim and Jewish these three are the prominent religion who buried their loved one; they need headstone to put over the grave. Basically, in most cases, they have the person’s name, date of birth, and date of the date inscribed on them and some people prefer to have a personal message on it.

In past when people did not use headstones even there was no concept of graveyards people buried died person on the unmarked place or a place where no one lives and go because there were no graveyards. People used to keep stones over a grave so one can step on a grave or they put visible thing which everyone can easily see. Every tradition is different from each other. In Jews, there is no concept to put flowers on funeral but in Muslim and christen tradition they put flowers on funerals.  But in Jewish religion Small stones still used by the people and placed on a headstone, it shows that you still remember the person and one more reason which is that you want to honour his memories.

There are many types of designs for headstones and monuments few of the following are.

  • Flat markers are attached with the grave and are fixed on the surface at its head. They are also referred to as grass markers because of the grass grown on its head.
  • Slant markers are also fixed on the surface with the grave creating a shape like the tapered block. They are casually standing straight up to 18 inches and are also known as pillow stones because they give a look of a pillow to the grave.
  • Ledgers are usually like a sheet covering the entire grave and some text is carved on it which makes grave noticeable. Ledgers are about 8 inches wide so that it properly covers the grave.
  • Bevel markers are like flat markers but are slightly different from them. These are the markers lying on the surface at the head of the grave but these markers are above the grass and are about 8 inches wide.

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