Installing Pool Of Your Choice


What type of swimming pool is most suitable for your home is a difficult question. For those who are planning to install a swimming pool at their home yard may find it even scary. Without doubt, there are numerous things to consider before reaching into a decision. But at present, fibreglass swimming pools in  Gold Coast have become the first choice among Australian home owners. There are several reasons that have made these pools popular, but there are some disadvantages too. However, still there is no doubt these are the best choice these days. Let’s make a neutral discussion here and decide yourself what you want foe your home!

ProsNow let’s talk about the positive sides – firstly, the cost of building a fibreglass pool is two to three times cheaper considering other choices. You can hire affordable swimming pool installation in Brisbane and will find that in long run it is cheapest. Secondly, Cleaning and maintenance is easy in fibreglass pool and once you invest in high quality branded pool case, you may need your first servicing in 15 to 20 years. Can you even imagine it with a concrete or vinyl pool? Thirdly, you can install extra decks, benches, moulded steps, inlets to your fibreglass pool easily. Fourthly, fibreglass is a good insulating material that helps you avoid high heating costs. Fifthly, these pool cases are tougher as well as more flexible against earth movements preventing bodyline crack or fracture. And last but not the least, these pools can be installed within 4 days to maximum a week; you can’t even imagine it with other options.

ConsFirst, let’s find out, what are the disadvantages or Cons– firstly, because of the requirement of high quality sealant for perfect leakage proof sealing may increase the initial cost. Secondly, these pools look almost same while they are new, but the actual quality can be decided only after using it for several months. This quality actually depends on the sealant gel coat quality and also the manufacturing mechanism of the pool case. Even, the cheaper pool cases are not UV stabilized and it cause fast degradation in sunlight. Thirdly, these pools are already built pool cases that are shipped and delivered to the buyers’ location. And shipment and transfer of such a huge sized product is a big challenge. This may cost you extra and not only extra shipment charge but it also risks undamaged, safe delivery at the same time. Fourthly, handling and installing requires skill and professionalism otherwise, accidental damages to the pool case can double your installation cost in moments. And finally, these pools generally come in 4 to 6 inches depth which seem improper for diving.