Best Tile Options For Bathroom



The bathroom is not complete without tiles, you can use other materials for other parts of the house. For example, you can use carpets in your living rooms or wooden floor in your kitchen. But when it comes to the bathroom, the tiles seem to be the most economical and practical solution. Not every tile is suitable for the bathroom tiles in sydney, because the primary problem comes with the bathroom that tiles need to withstand water absorption. Due to the high-water factor, the life of tiles may reduce, so you have to be selective and precise. Few tiles’ options work perfectly for bathrooms.

Stone tiles:

The stone tiles have been in use for centuries and they are counted as the most durable ones. But people usually use stone tiles for their important areas, as they are slightly expensive. This is the main reason people prefer to use these tiles in the area where people can see and due to their high aesthetic appeal, people will always notice their presence. As the stone tiles are durable and make a perfect combination when it comes to the bathroom. Once installed, they can easily stay intact for decades 

Vinyl Tiles:

The vinyl tiles have gained popularity in recent times, especially as bathroom tiles. The first reason that people prefer vinyl tiles is due to their cost and then at the cheap cost, you get the durable solution. The advantage of vinyl tiles is that they also come in a wide range of colours and designs. This makes them perfect for the bathroom, as you will not be losing the aesthetic appeal even by spending less. The vinyl tiles are durable and also gives the feel of comfort. Not only that vinyl tiles are cheaper in terms of material but they are easy to install and their installation charges are also less compared to other tiles. 

Porcelain Tiles: 

The porcelain tiles can work perfect for bathrooms, too. Usually, the porcelain tiles are used for the living room or common area. The porcelain tiles have better strength than clay-based tiles and with a glazed finish, they can be good in water resistance. People usually prefer the porcelain tiles because they give the perfect finishing in terms so look and are also comfortable for the feet. As you have to be barefoot in the bathroom, the feel of the tiles become important in terms of touch. But porcelain tiles are not easy to install in comparison to vinyl tiles, the cost of installing the porcelain tiles is higher. But they can improve the aesthetic of the bathroom. 

Whenever you want to buy cheap bath tiles, then the following can help you to get them;

  • You can look for the promotional sale of tiles.
  • You can go to bathroom warehouse stores; they offer a wide range at discount prices.
  • The bathroom warehouse stores are not only perfect for tiles, but you can also find other hardware in them
  • Online tile sellers can also help to buy the cheap bathroom tile on sale