Types Of Fences – Which One Suits Your Needs Best?

Fences come in different sizes, varieties, colours, brands, etc. to suit the different needs of customers. From homeowners to corporate store owners, most individuals make sure that their properties are properly fenced today to enhance the security and privacy of the property. The needs of the customers vary on the basis of the locality, the level of crime, the purpose and many other criteria – accordingly, there are different varieties of fences. If you are looking for a fence to secure your property, here are some common types used:

  • Timber/ wooden fencing – these are one of the more common types of fences in rural locations. They are, just as their name describes, security fencing made of wood. Given the ease of wood to break, they are definitely not the primary candidate for fencing when security is the priority. They are ideal to discourage burglars and to demarcate boundaries, as well as provide safety and a decent degree of privacy. Furthermore, they are also unfavourable in locations that are prone to wildfires. Despite this all, they remain an attractive choice of fencing for decorative purposes and also because of their low cost.
  • Chain-link fencing – chain-link fences are one of the most common types of fences that can be seen just about anywhere. These are basically thin, malleable wires entwined together in a mesh-like pattern and fused or attached to metal poles, concrete posts, etc. they usually are green in colour, or come in their unpainted silver format (which is quite prone to rusting in the latter case). Chain-link fences are very much inexpensive, and the go-to option in fencing when the main priority is to demarcate boundaries (such as in the case of lots of lands on sale), but they provide poor security and privacy.
  • Wooden hoardings – wooden hoardings are basically reinforced wooden boards joined together by concrete posts. They are commonly seen around construction sites as tall wooden boards (sometimes, steel hoardings are also used here) to keep out trespassers and other individuals both for security and to ensure their safety from the construction site’s many hazards.
  • Colorbond fencing Perth – these are a type of steel hoarding, made of steel coated with zinc and aluminium. They come in many colours and varieties, and hence are used in many urban locations due to the customization they offer. Due to their height, they easily provide security and privacy from prying eyes.
  • Wire mesh fencing – wire mesh fencing is an upgraded form of chain-link fences, in that they are thin steel wires meshed together tightly. Unlike the chain-link fences, they are not as easily malleable, and cannot be cut through, provided enhanced security. They are somewhat more expensive, however. You can check out more information here https://www.teamworkfencing.com.au/.