6 Things That Make Your Home Different From Others

No one like living a boring life in a boring home. And while the first will take effort and time to change, the second can be achieved in a lesser time period. Here are a few suggestions to make your home unique, stand out from others, and a different place to live in…

The architectural uniqueness – whether you are living in a house built exclusively for you, or a place you’ve moved into and made your own, highlighting the architectural features of your home is a great way make it stand out from other houses. If you’d like to add a few unique features to an already built home, do take the advice of a structural engineer Sydney residential so you don’t regret your decisions later on in life.

The touch of luxury – even the simplest of homes could have a touch of elegance and luxury. If things like swimming pool designs don’t excite you (for it’s the most common luxury feature in any home), even other features like wall to wall bookshelves and backyard campsites count as luxury features.

The play of texture – play around with the textures you use to decorate your home; be that it’s for the walls, floors, or even your furniture and upholstery. When it comes to the walls, creating texture from paint can be quite fun. But if you don’t want the mess, then we suggest you use textured wallpaper instead. Be careful when choosing textured upholstery; some may be uncomfortable for the skin, and might even hold on to dustmaking it get dirty fast.

The arrangement of your furniture – who says you have to arrange your furniture in a particular way? Mixing things up and using if for places not meant for it can make your home quite unique. For example, rather than using outdoor furniture in your garden, consider using them in your sun room. Other fun features like swing chairs can also be used in “formal” places…like the living room.

The color palette you choose – in all honesty, there is nothing stopping you from going crazy with the colors you choose for your home. If you want to skip the whites and go for all colors; go right ahead! Just take care to light up the small spaces, and darken the spaces you want to emphasize or push away.

The things that makes it your home – add a few touches of yourself into your home. Unique photographs, quotes that mean something to you (used as wall decorations) and even trinkets could do this. If you indulge in crafting hobbies, these too could make your home stand out in an interesting way…